How To Hide Embarrassing Facebook Likes From Your Profile (Video)

Were given some likes on fb you wish your buddies could not see? Here's how to hide them out of your friends' view, with out lacking out on those pages' updates for your information feed.
While you like a film, tune artist, or different web page on fb, you get to preserve up with all the trendy goings-on of that web page: upcoming concert events, DVD releases, or other handy stuff like that. But, if a number of your facebook likes are a bit at the "guilty pleasure" facet, you may want to hide them from other human beings. Lamentably, facebook would not assist you to disguise person likes from your "approximately" web page—however it'll assist you to disguise entire categories.
Luckily, there are enough categories which you probably don't use a few of them. So, to cover your embarrassing likes, right here's what you need to do:

  1. Visit the Likes Page of your profile and click Edit.
  2. Eliminate your embarrassing like from its class with the aid of soaring over it and clicking the "X" that indicates up.
  3. Scroll right down to one of the different classes which you don't use—like "sports activities groups," "Video video games," or "Inspirational humans"—and exchange its privacy placing to "Only Me."
  4. Subsequent, add your embarrassing likes to that category. Even supposing they do not healthy—say, including Taylor Swift to sports activities groups—fb will nevertheless let you add them there.
  5. Click the "finished modifying" button on the pinnacle of your page and retain using fb as ordinary.


You will nonetheless see that page underneath all of your Likes, however your friends won't. You'll nevertheless be capable of get that web page's useful updates without your buddies ever understanding. Take a look at out the video above to see this little workaround in movement.


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