How To Make Frost And Snow For The Holidays – Video

How To Make Frost And Snow For The Holidays:

Here’s how to guarantee yourself a white Christmas this year… no matter what temperature it is outside!

In lots of humans’s thoughts, winter and in particular Christmas comes with Snow and Frost courtesy of Jack Frost. We’re in the end of November right here inside the North East and the temperatures are nonetheless hanging in the low 60’s rarely close to the iciness temperatures of December that might frost a window.

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Fortuitously i’ve an smooth trick I used this yr to create some winter frost on my home windows. This easy trick will create an authentic looking frost impact so as to now not soften when the weather changes. So, right here is what you want to get commenced:

Things You Need:

  • Epsom Salts (unscented)
  • Beer (lighter beer works excellent. (Even an vintage skunk beer from the back of the refrigerator works remarkable.)
  • Terry fabric Rag
  • Ordinary Rag
  • Small Paint Brush (for touch ups)
  • Massive Bowl or Bucket

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