How will Microsoft Windows 10 Looks Like? Check Official Previews here.

Just recently sometimes towards the ending of September 2014, Microsoft announced on its official windows blog the new Windows 10 OS for laptops, notebooks and other devices. There are so much amazing features on this new OS Microsoft 10 which it has to offer to over 1.6billion users of Windows worldwide. According to Terry Myerson which is a writer for the official windows blog, the new Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of windows.

From customer reviews and feedback, it seems most users are more comfortable with the Windows 7 OS, and quite few users are impressed with the windows metro UI style. Microsoft plans to balance these differences in the new Windows 10. Below is a summary of the features to expect and sincere review of the new Microsoft Windows 10.   I am personaly still using windows 7 even though I have bought a windows 8.1 PC which I do not feel as comfortable with yet. Well this feature should be so great and me my self I am so ready to get my hands on this as soon as it comes out.  Check below screenshots of the upcomming newest windows OS version 10 and also the video below which gives more details about this newest project from Microsoft.


preview windows 10 image 2 preview windows 10 image 1

Microsoft windows 10 Short preview Video from Webkraft Blog Productions:


More Details on this video here below directly from Microsoft CoWorkers.


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