HTC announces the new generation of Live and a wireless adapter for virtual reality

If you have not yet decided in which virtual reality system to invest those euros necessary to immerse yourself in games and other applications linked to this immersive technology, the new HTC Live you might be interested in, as HTC has presented at CES 2018 Live Pro, an updated version of its goggles VR with a resolution up to a 78% higher than its predecessor.

The new version Live Pro, which incorporates 2 cameras in the front, will be able to offer resolutions that are joined by OLED screens of up to 2880 x 1600 pixels. Currently, the original model has screens to 1080 x 1200. This transforms the device into a system of mixed reality, opening possibilities for use with augmented reality apps. In addition, the new product will be dressed with a more ergonomic design to increase comfort of the user and improvements in the sound system of the handset 3D. For the moment, the company has not provided any information on the release date or the price of the device.

“We do not bring any example, but we’re working on some that will show how developers can take advantage of the second camera and to perform different types of augmented reality experiences, in addition to try different things,” says Daniel O’brien, general manager of Live. “The second camera gives a better experience to developers than they had with Live original and we are working with many creative people in different experiences that they can use two cameras, as having a sense of depth with the second chamber. Many of the new features and functions are in development, and we’re looking forward to showing them soon.”

The other big news of HTC presented at CES 2018 corresponds to an adapter that allows the use of virtual reality without connection cables. The so-called Live Wireless Adaptor will be compatible both with the old model of Live as with Live Pro and use the technology WiGig from Intel. The device will only be available from the third quarter of 2018. There is also no information about the price.

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