HTC is renewing its mid-range with the new Desire 12 and 12+

The signature Taiwanese has presented today its new mid-range models 2018, which aims to compete against the high-stakes of their rivals such as Huawei, Xiaomi and LG.

And despite the fact that the fashion of the asian manufacturers is to launch smartphones with screen without edges and notch included, HTC maintains its line of design that characterizes them, and their new Desire 12 and 12+ offer a screen without edges, with aspect ratio of 18:9, and a body of glass which give you a feeling to the touch of a high-end.

The full features of the new smartphones of the signature taiwanese are the following:

As we can see, their processors indicate to us perfectly to the type of range to which they belong, as the 12+ includes a Snapdragon 450 and a Mediatek MT6739, two chips that do not have a great difference, and that certainly whets the concern to know the why of this movement and not bet on the same processor in both smartphones.

It filters the HTC U12+ and shows its dual camera dual

The differences are few, because it is a custom that models Plus find a screen and larger battery, but in this case we will also have a dual camera for the Desire 12+, a better front-facing camera, and a bigger battery.

For the rest of the specifications we find practically the same technical details, since we will have screens with almost no edges, crystal glass body, Android Flash 8.0 using the layer of personalization HTC Sense and a fingerprint reader.

HTC DesiRE12

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Despite the fact that several media is mentioned that both devices have a fingerprint reader, the images of the HTC Desire 12 do not show signs of the sensor, so we reached out to HTC to clarify this doubt, although for the moment we have not received a response.

Regarding its price and availability, it is likely that reaching Mexico in the second quarter of the year, although the company has not released the official price of its new devices, which is rumoured to have come on the market at a price close between 300 and 400 euros, that is to say, between $6,000 and $8,000 MXN.

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