Hulu for the first time will be available at the international level

If you believed that the arrival of AT&T and Disney with their own streaming services was already intense, now a new revelation from the CEO of the company of Mickey Mouse, just put the sand all the more tense because you said that in the plans for Hulu in the next year is to take the platform at the international level for the first time in its history.

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Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, he said that with the acquisition of Fox, the company is seeking to add to their “war” declared on Netflix and Amazon for the crown of the streaming Hulu with its thousands of content and 20 million subscribers in the united States.

According to Iger, this international projection of Hulu seeks to obtain more subscribers to the platform when investing in more original programming “and ” new international markets”, although he did not specify which are the countries that included this list.

Disney purchased several weeks ago part of the property of Hulu, 21st Century Fox. “We think there is a great opportunity to increase our investment in Hulu, notably on the programming side,” said Iger cited by the american chain NBC.

Currently, Hulu has a cost of 5.99 dollars (about 120 pesos) per month with content via streaming and also with cable television, although Iger also said that this new step would come with a rise in the prices. and Partners.

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