IBAN-Name Check now also ING transfers

To fraud and accidents, perform ING with online banking now a naamcheck during the transfer. It is then checked whether the name of the account holder matches with the entered IBAN number.

ING follows therein the Rabobank, which last year was the first IBAN-application were required. ING works only for now in the web browser. From the summer period is the function in the mobile banking apps are supported.

Enter a wrong combination of name, account number, then gives the site a warning. You can then click on the time to check whether you have the correct account number. You can the transfer still be, if you’re sure of your case.

Positive results

Although for many years the demand for this feature, wanted to banks each time, not to start. It would be too costly and complicated to implement. Thanks to a petition from the tv-program Scammed?! it was still tacking. There were 40.000 signatures retrieved, allowing the political pressure behind.

The Rabobank is in any case positive about the first results of the check. Factuurfraude in eight months ‘ time, with 30 percent, and every day there is a 1500 false name-account numbers noted.

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