Great Ideas for having plants at home, although you do not have place or your terrace is small

If you’ve always wanted to have a small vegetable garden at home, but you don’t have enough space to do so, there are several options to place your plantings in small spaces: flower pots in a row, shelves, gardens vertical, among others. If you want to know them, keep reading!

In , we have compiled some ideas so that you can have plants at home, even if your terrace is small.

1. Engánchalas on the wall

2. On shelves

3. Pots hanging

4. In pipes

5. In wooden pallets

6. In the own wall

7. On a ladder

8. Planters and space-saving

10. In a grid iron

11. In a shoe organizer

12. In drawers

What you found, these ideas? Have you put any into practice?

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