IKEA-bots, assemble!

How to assemble IKEA furniture seems on paper very simple, but in practice it is often a time consuming tedious job. Are you – or do you know – no convenient Harry? Then you get in the future is just an IKEA-bone in the house.

Indeed, the goal of the robot in the video below is for IKEA furniture for you to assemble. Several parties working there for years, but the Technical University of Singapore now has a breakthrough to tackle. The two jaws have, within twenty minutes, a chair fitted.

[embedded content]

Of course, that is not. For example, they have learned which wooden pin in which hole fits, and what parts and subsequently connected to each other need to be. They also work synchronously, so that they do not get in the way. A combination of 3D cameras, sensors and software with bouwintstructies that is ultimately possible.

We still have to wait until you get them in IKEA can buy, together with your new Billy-bookcase.

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