inCharge, the cable that can charge iOS and Android devices

The variety and originality of devices, makes each one of them holding a cable to charge or transfer files to the computer, so that it is necessary that people must always have it near or, buy two to avoid forgetting it at home or office.

The above situations are somewhat annoying, but they can be completed with the new inCharge, which is nothing more than a great invention that can help to ease the task of loading, as it is a universal cable capable of charging iOS devices and Android.

The inCharge also may be used if the devices use Lightning, MicroUSB, or USB-C, it is only a matter of completely disconnect the cable from the charger and insert the other device, which will cause the load will start in a few seconds.

The said instrument, was developed years ago when it began as a keychain USB charge, however the concept was updated to make it much more useful and current to the needs of the users.

The cable is very small and, like the previous model, is designed to be carried everywhere as a keychain that, when deployed, has a length long enough for you to hold in the hand a good distance away, without the need to be close to him and the plug.

If this outside little, the other corner of the appliance has a USB connector as normal, which allows you to connect to a standard charger, and/or computers with charging port.

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Currently, the inCharge is available in two models, the first is the inCharge Dual charger that will get you out of trouble with the connector for the Lightning and MicroUSB, while the second is the inCharge All-in-One that includes the connector to the adapters mentioned above, and to the USB-C.

These utensils can be purchased through the page of Indiegogo for 12 and 14 dollars respectively.

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