Unexpected photos of people who were in the right place, at the exact moment

The photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson always said that the most important thing is to capture a phenomenon in the precise moment, something unique that can only be photographed in the second correct. The heroes of the next collection evidently had in mind that recommendation 100 per cent.

Great.guru compiled the 27 unique photos that were taken at the indicated time.

Two aircraft that were flying near became a monster

“I took a photograph of my wife and daughter, but I captured the exact moment that my brother fell into the water”

The second prior to the tragedy

Needless to say, a second after taking this photo, the game was terminated

When you have your own biker pocket

The teacher was prepared better for the summer than their students

One hand on the steering wheel caused the driver to become a character from “Futurama”

Yes, it is just a pigeon and not a flying fish

It seems that it is the best hat in this world

When even your shadow can perform better tricks than you

For a moment, the clouds turned into swans

This horse is tired of walking and decided to fly for a while

Ready… ready… fire!

“We take a photograph as if bailáramos”

When you find a cool guy in the zoo

What will be in that place?

When you get tired of being a spectator and want to join the party

When you get suddenly a recharge of freshness

We all have a friend who spoils the photos

Or everything will be ok, or the next shot will no longer be so happy

One wrong move and there will be no Christmas this year

When you see spend your whole life in front of your eyes

When the hope of crossing the pond with a jump is lost completely

3, 2, 1… we bite!

When you inhale too strong

“This photo was already perfect, but the bird ended up making it amazing.”

Not even the guy from the tv likes it when the cats do that

What about you, you have images where you’ve captured moments very curious? Share them with us in the comments section.

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