Infographic: The evolution of Wolverine (includes list of upcoming comic book films 2018-2019)

The always loved comics, so endearing as confusing. In recent years the comic characters have split their paths, especially following the arrival of the universes kinematic: canonical, noncanonical, alternative, crossover, according to this or that writer. Suddenly give timely follow-up to our super heroes favorites has become a bit more complex.

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That is why, from time to time is always useful when someone organizes this information and offers it in a visual format, attractive, and well synthesized. Almost becomes reference material. That’s why we share with you what you have just done the illustrator Kate Willaert, the infographic is very comprehensive about the evolution of Wolverine presented in published cards on Instagram.

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The graphic work was published by the account Instagram @nomoremutants, recognised source of information on comics that sum, nearly half a million followers. The material deals with the history of Wolverine from its origins in 1974 and through several time lines, and films, with illustrations of each one of his looks and a short explanation on each one of them.

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@nomoremutants was so kind to also include a summary of the premieres confirmed comic book films, both Marvel as DC Comics, for the remainder of 2018 and 2019, including the upcoming film of the Avengers (the title of which could have been revealed by “accident”) and a film that could be the first fruit of the purchase of Fox by Disney. A piece worth preserving.

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