Instagram is testing the function of ‘Remove follower’ for public accounts

The social network is constantly changing in order to offer the best of itself to the millions of users who have, because of this and based on the requests made, is as it will be integrating a new tool that will help that there are not more followers annoying.

The new function will eliminate the followers of the accounts opened, that is to say that if a person has your public account where anyone can view the photos and comment on them, and you do not want others to follow looking at your content, you can delete it from your list of followers without having to immediately go to the lock.

This feature is primarily to help the accounts that the whole world can see, as the private course have the control of the person to decide who does and who does not, you can check what is being posted; this way is that Instagram wants users to have total control of what they do with your application,

This has been done in order to avoid those contacts uncomfortable that sometimes it is obligatory to follow, as can happen with family members who want to know how many photos you upload and why you do it.

With this option, it will allow you to “unfollow” silent, as the follower will not know who has stopped following you, and will continue to ignore it until you review the list of contacts in a row who has.

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The proposal sounds interesting, but you should know that this is still in test period, so some people have it and others don’t, to know if you are one of the “lucky” ones, it is necessary that you go to your account of Instagram and in the list of followers you’ll see how there are three points in a horizontal manner, be well and take them to the view, it is enough that the selections to bring up the option to Remove a follower.

If that is not the way, don’t worry, there is nothing wrong with your phone, it is only the company that has begun slowly to implement it in some devices, but is expected to soon begin to spread to more countries and users.

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