Instagram officially launches the new option of ‘you’re-a-day’

In order that users know when to stop to browse in the app, Instagram released official the option These a day, that notify you automatically when you have seen all the posts that you do and post.

The new alternative will notify the user when a user is already aware of what was published in your feed in the past two days, giving him to understand that he has spent enough time in the social network, and has nothing new to observe.

You’re All Caught Up or These the day aims to ensure that people are aware of the minutes and even hours, that we dedicate each day to your cell phone watching time and time again content, that once in a while it is repetitive.

Once you see the notification, the person may stop to browse looking for recent publications and perhaps take the option of heading toward the section of the Stories, the IGTV or to the tab of Explore that is just brand new, to continue finding out what happens with your followers or the people you follow.

This way is that Instagram and its creators are interested in the attention of your users to run off towards the other options, extracting the most juice possible and that the information that they absorb do not give only one particular place.

According to this, it disposes of the theory that is is discouraging to the people to stop using the application, since you want the opposite to add to the other options, giving them a weight equal to all and each one of them.

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This feature could join to test the tool, do Not Disturb, who is doing Facebook and Instagram with respect to the content that the public does not want to see or be notified, having a greater control over the information.

For the time being do Not Disturb feature is available only for a small number of users, who allow you to disable notifications for a specific time or until you decide to activate them again.

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