Instagram test warnings with screenshots

Instagram is a function to test that the user see when someone has a screenshot of your story. The users who participate in the test, a one-time warning that the following screenshot that they make is indicated by the owner.

Instagram tested this function already since the beginning of January, according to WABetaInfo. It now seems that the function is more and more distributed among the users.

Previously, you could take screenshots without the owner knew. Instagram will now change in to go and bring, Snapchat has a feature that indicates whether a person is a screenshot. However, it is not the first time that Instagram is a function of Snapchat copy: previously, for example, the verhalenfunctie and disappearing messages acquired.

How it works

The maker of the screenshot, you will once get a warning that the owner can see that there is a screenshot. The owner sees originally a list of people who have their story viewed as a screenshot is made, this will be indicated by a symbol after the name.

Until now, this update tested by a handful of people. Instagram wants to first see if everything is running well and the interaction with the stories is not drastically in decline before the update public.

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