Artificial intelligence vs. Human, so the duel for the World Championship of DOTA 2

In August, some of the best professional gamers in the world will gather in Vancouver to compete for millions of dollars at stake during the International DOTA 2 Championships from August 20.

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The meeting always causes great interest because of the success brought on by the DOTA 2 of Valve Corporation, but this edition will have something very special, because for the first time will participate in a team of Artificial Intelligence after Elon Musk will confirm the registration to 5 bots developed by OpenAI, independent research institute, co-founded in 2015 by Musk in order to avoid that the AI becomes dangerous for the human.

The bots of Musk and OpenAI do not have easy because it will be measured to the best in the world in DOTA 2, although it would not be the first time that an Artificial Intelligence to face the best human of a specialty. Last year the great AlphaGo of Deepmind, a company owned by Google, was able to beat the best players in the world of Go.

Also the AI of OpenAI had already participated in the World Championship of DOTA 2 last year, beating even some players, although this time he will do so as one of the teams and you can win the title.

In DOTA 2, two teams of five players fight to take control of a map, to eliminate the central database contrary. The complex is in the wide amount of characters available, each with their own abilities. That is why, the cooperation between the members of a team is so important and each member plays a role preset.

In fact, for many it is more complex than chess or Go, also because it has more variants to get the victory. For example, while a chess player has 35 movements in average and in one Go 250, in DOTA each member of the team can perform around 1,000 possible.

And you, who would you go: human or artificial intelligence?

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