Internet Explorer is safe again after a Microsoft Update

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Is Microsoft Internet Explorer working better after the Huge update they made?

We all may know how buggy internet Explorer was working, many popups even though you had popup blockers etc etc, Getting many errors where it needed to close and you lost all your websites info etc etc.

Microsoft began on beginning of June 2014 rolling out an update for Internet Explorer. The update addresses a vulnerability in the browser that came to light last weekend. Remarkably, the update also comes to Windows XP, which Microsoft has discontinued support. Pass
Microsoft left a post on a tech blog that the update has been tested for all affected versions of Internet Explorer and will be distributed. "The majority of customers have automatic updating turned on. They do not need to take any action," as it says.

The software giant also states that there is an update for Internet Explorer on Windows XP, but when is unknown. The fix is remarkable, because the operating system support Microsoft ended early last month of 2001. Only paying customers, such as government, still get support. "We continue to encourage customers to migrate to a modern operating system such as Windows 7 or 8, 8.1 and 10" writes Dustin Childs of the Microsoft Security Response Center. He therefore suggests that it is an exception.

The leak last weekend by U.S. security firm FireEye was discovered, allows hackers are able to get through a vulnerability in Flash to manipulate memory. Objects in the browser They can thus circumvent security mechanisms as pat and ASLR.

Although the leak in many IE versions can be found, attackers would focus particularly on IE9, IE10 and IE11. According to Stat-counter used in the past month, more than 31 percent of the Dutch desktop users Internet Explorer. The High Tech Crime Team of the Dutch Police advised the Dutch off to still use up Microsoft would release a fix. Browser

Even though this update of Internet Explorer I was and I am still a fan of Google Chrome.

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