Research finds more than 100 cases of sexual abuse in Uber in the united States

According to a research done by CNN in the united States, there are at least 103 cases of sexual abuse or assault against the drivers of the platform in the last 4 years, additional cases of sex scandals in which were involved some officers of the firm during the last year.

The majority of these abuses are perpetrated on victims who are under the influence of alcohol, and many times end up fainted, unconscious, or sleeping on the seats while they go to their destination, a situation that have taken advantage of some drivers to sexually abuse several women who use the platform.

One of the hundreds of cases he has had access to CNN was that of a woman from San Diego, California, which addressed one of the taxis of the company for the night after having drunk several glasses of alcohol, the woman had taken so much that he asked the driver to stop so he could vomit, and as stated by the victim, after that he fell fainting in the back seat. Once she regained consciousness, the driver of Uber was on it, violándola, just one street from your house.

Fortunately the victim was able to escape and call 911, and the police were able to arrest the driver of the unit, which was identified as John David Sanchez, who was sentenced to 80 years in prison for rape and other 33 charges against him, most of them for sexual assault.

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Another case is that of a woman in Miami, which left her children with their grandmother and went to a bar with a friend. She took an Uber home, but fainted on the way and woke up the next morning with pants and underwear on the floor.

As mentioned the victim, the driver of the Uber took her to his apartment, threw it on the bed and sexually assaulted.

Many of the cases investigated by the CNN have similar situations, however, Uber is a company that constantly uses your advertising on the function of the word SECURITY, since many of its messages and advertising campaigns focus on users who go out to parties to drink alcohol and they can use Uber to return safe to their houses without endangering their lives while driving under the influence of alcohol.

And that is despite the fact that CNN asked Uber an estimate of cases in which its drivers have been accused of sexual assault, the company refused to cooperate with the data, but the analysis of CNN comes from an in-depth review of police reports, court records and federal data bases of the courts of the counties of 20 of the principal cities of the united States.

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According to mentioned source, the current CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, said that it will take strong measures against sexual assault, stating that it is a priority that is expected to remain so in the foreseeable future.

The company also mentioned that she is working on new security measures for users as a panic button and a direct link with the 911, in addition, they will continue to investigate the background of their current and new drivers.

As reported by the police, of the 103 cases investigated by the CNN, in 18 cases did not proceed because the charges were dropped, dismissed the cases or it was stated that the drivers were not guilty.

Despite the fact that the numbers are staggering, this number of cases is only in the united States, but Mexico and India are other countries where you have been given the sexual scandals with Uber and other platforms of private transport, a situation that has forced companies to take better safety measures, which are not yet in the full conviction of many users.

This type of sexual abuse is one of the most serious problems faced by these companies, which also strive to keep such situations in silence, which the companies argue is to protect the privacy of the victims.

Have you ever heard or known of a situation similar in any platform of private transport?

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