iOS 12 reveals the existence of a possible iPad with Face ID

Yesterday Apple introduced iOS 12, the renewal of its operating system that will hit some iPhone, iPad and iPod this year. However, a developer has discovered in the beta version of iOS 12 the existence of an iPad with Face ID, which has returned to revive the rumors of his existence, after a couple of months ago said that Apple had planned to launch it this year.

The Face ID is one of the technologies best valued in the iPhone X, so Apple wants to integrate it in other products, in fact, one of the enhancements of the ID Face is that it is now able to remember two different faces, so it is likely that the new iPhone 2018 to reach with other developments in this section, especially if you also presented an iPad with Face ID.

The iPhone with improvements in battery and ID Face will not arrive in 2018

As we can see in the video below, in the Security section of the iPad we find an option called “Face ID & Passcode”, and in which you can clearly read that it says “Unlock the iPad with Face ID” along with a switch to activate the function.

So, some rumors mentioned that this iPad will be focused on augmented reality, as was presented yesterday ARKit 2, with some improvements interesting as the sessions between friends, so Apple wants users to use this platform, but if you want the iPad with Face ID to be a super sales, then what better way than to present it with this technology, screen “borderless” and ARKit 2.

For his part, Benjamin Geskin, which is one of the main “leakers” of the technology industry has shown a render of how it would look the iPad with Face ID, and honestly we like how it looks.

Would you like to see an iPad with Face ID?

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