iPhone Xs Max vs. Galaxy S9 vs Huawei P20 Pro: what is the best smartphone?

Yesterday we met the best iPhone in history until the day of today, or this is how Apple has promised an iPhone that is not only great, but also promises to have the best screen, sound, camera, and resistance of the market. However, in front you have to two titans of the phone such as Samsung and Huawei, which this year have stolen the spotlight with their phones.

The Galaxy Note 9 and the Huawei P20 Pro are two teams round, practically they have few things they can criticize, and both are cheaper than the new iPhone, so the time has come to compare them to know which is better smartphone, and what is best for us.


What is the best screen?

The screen of the new iPhone Xs Max has been created by Samsung, has Super AMOLED technology, which is the same as that used by the manufacturer in your Galaxy Note 9, so we are talking of screens are very similar, on the other hand, Huawei also uses an AMOLED screen, but does not have the density nor the resolution of the iPhone and the Galaxy Note.

Theoretically, the screen of the Note 9 is the best, first because it has a higher resolution of 1440 x 2960, while its density is 516 ppp, surpassing the 458 dpi of the iPhone, and the 408 ppp P20 Pro.

Galaxy Note 9

The screen of Note 9 and the iPhone Xs Max technology, HDR10, so that multimedia playback is simply a unique experience on screens of that resolution and density. However, an important point here is the calibration of color, and Apple is one of the best work done with that, though Samsung is also an expert in this topic.

The best of the Galaxy Note 9 is a function of which no one speaks

Where Apple wins its competitors is that the screen has a touch-sensing 120 Hz, a feature that we had already seen in Android, but it has neither the Note 9, or the P20 Pro.

  • Winner: Galaxy Note 9
  • Second place: iPhone Xs Max
  • Third place: Huawei P20 Pro

I want the best picture

Fortunately for all of us, the moving picture has made progress by leaps and bounds in a few years here, thanks in part to the artificial intelligence, and on the other side by the hardware components used by the companies for their phones.

Here, the person who brings a good advantage is Huawei, in the first place because it has not two, but three cameras in the rear, and the more options the better. And though sometimes less is more, in the case of the P20 Pro “more” is simply AMAZING.

Technically, the cameras of Note 9 and the iPhone Xs Max are very similar, as we have a dual sensor of 12 MP. But the main sensor is much more advanced in Note 9, this because it has an aperture variable to f/1.5 to f/2.55, which allows you to take the best photograph in any type of environment, while the opening of the iPhone is 1.8 mm, so yes, both sensors have OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation).

What is the triple rear camera of the Huawei P20 Pro?

The second sensor is almost equal in both models, as is a telephoto of 2 increases with OIS and aperture f/2.4.

However, Samsung has many more options in image capture, and also the help of the artificial intelligence to tell the user if the target (in the case of a person) he closed his eyes, or, if the lens is dirty, so you’ll be able to re-take the photo.

Samsung and Huawei recognize the scenes by artificial intelligence, and Apple improves the technology with machine learning after taking the photo, this way we will have incredible results, here, however, each brand makes a color adjustment, and treatment of different image, all of them offer excellent results, but the taste of each user will always tell you what is best.

With respect to Huawei the I have left to the end because neither the Note 9 or the iPhone will compete, that is to say, the quality of the end result is very similar in good lighting conditions, but at night pictures I think Huawei has no rival, and although it remains to be seen how he takes photographs of night the iPhone, I doubt it reaches the level of Huawei.

Night photography of the P20 Pro courtesy of EAL.

Huawei has a main sensor of 20 MP, a second sensor 40 MP, and a last of 8 MP which is also a telephoto range up to 3x, which is mixed with an optical zoom of 2 × achieves a zoom-in hybrid 5 increases with incredible results that neither the Note 9 or the iPhone offer.

The artificial intelligence of Huawei improves the photos after you take them to give you still a result much more real, and this is what makes the pictures of the night will be a true sense, which is why Huawei is the winner of this category.

We must add to this that Huawei has more options for photo capture and settings that the iPhone and the Note 9 will not have an update.

  • Winner: Huawei P20 Pro
  • Second Place: Galaxy Note 9
  • Third place: iPhone Xs Max

And what about the battery?

If Apple fans believe that 1.5 hours of greater autonomy in comparison to the iPhone X is an achievement, because I think that is because they have never tested an autonomy outstanding.

Apple does not normally share the amount of mAh that have their teams, and this is what we know until someone disarms a phone, but the Note 9 and the P20 Pro have a battery of 4,000 mAh, an amount more than generous.

To achieve a good battery life is needed much more than a huge battery, the processor and the operating system play a very important role, and I have to say that what makes the Kirin 970 with the P20 Pro is simply outstanding, however, the Galaxy Note 9 and the Qualcomm 845 also you leave a very good taste in the mouth.

Google explains how it works the Battery’s Adaptive Android 9 Foot

The advantage of Huawei is that thanks to the NPU (Processing Unit Neurological) the phone will learn the use that you give to improve the autonomy by closing apps in the background unnecessary, so that some users may experience a range of up to almost two days.

On the other hand, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is practically an artist with autonomy, so that the results are also incredible, however, here, the learning process will on the part of Android and not the processor as such, so it seems to me that what makes Huawei is a bit better.

Apple that I can say, the autonomy of the iPhone X was not exactly outstanding, but it was not bad, however, the fact of having one and a half hour more of use is appreciated, but not clapping.

  • Winner: Huawei P20 Pro
  • Second place: Galaxy Note 9
  • Third place: iPhone Xs Max

The most resistant

The resistance is also important, and here Apple has an interesting cards in the first place because it is the first phone from Apple that bet by a certification IP68, and in the second place, because it exceeds by little the Note 9 in some aspects.

The iPhone Xs Max is able to withstand up to 2 meters depth for 30 minutes, while the Note 9 does the same but up to 1.5 metres, so that by half a meter wins the iPhone Xs Max. The P20 Pro because we don’t have much to say, it has IP67 rating, so that only resist 1 meter deep for half an hour.

VIDEO: Ouch! Huawei trollea a Apple for your new iPhone

Now let’s talk a little bit of Apple marketing, they say that they have the glass more resistant in a smartphone, why? no, not took the time to explain it, but I doubt that it is.

The Galaxy Note 9 and the P20 Pro have a glass cover with Gorilla Glass 5, the iPhone doesn’t have one, but I am not sure that your glass is more durable than a Gorilla Glass of the fifth generation, so for the moment we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

The screen is also covered by Gorilla Glass of the fifth generation in the model of Samsung and Huawei, while the iPhone has a coating oleofóbico, which is resistant to scratches, but not as resistant as the glass of the Android models to the falls.

  • Winner: Galaxy Note 9, and Huawei P20 Pro
  • Second place: iPhone Xs Max.

Conclusion: what I bought

The point of this type of content is that you can identify the benefits and weaknesses of a smartphone, the iPhone Xs Max is a good phone, but from my point of view is not the best, the Galaxy Note 9 has great qualities, but also has other areas of opportunity, and the P20 Pro has a camera enviable, but we do need to improve in the multimedia section as the screen and sound.

Clear that of the 3 models has the best price/quality ratio is the Huawei P20 Pro, to get an idea, you could buy two P20 Pro and you still sobraría money for the same thing you will pay for the iPhone Xs Max of 512 GB.

Are there innovations that are worthwhile in the new iPhone?

In conclusion, buy the one you like the most, some never will no longer use an iPhone only for iOS, and others never will use an iPhone because it offers neither the features or benefits are there in Android, but each who has a criterion that will make you lean towards one model or the other.

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