It’s Time to Urge Happy. Like Right Away.

It’s Time to urge Happy. Like right away.

I hope you do not mind, however i might wish to speak real with you for a moment. i am overcome. Fifteen to twenty hours of my work week is spent on the phone, discussing headlines and current events. each casual voice communication with friends and family eventually turns political. Twitter, that wont to be my shake all of that, has currently changed into a solid wall of apocalyptic news stories, followed by a dozen individuals taking part in Insult lawn tennis. i feel an oversized a part of that's as a result of the news, in general, has become the dirty guy on the corner, sporting a doomsday signboard and screaming, "WE'RE ALL GONNA FUCKIN' DIE!"

I've simply had enough, you know? thus as a service to myself (and hopefully a minimum of a couple of of you), i am taking a possibility from this horseshit-covered circus and turning my attention to some actually awe-inspiring, happy stuff. And if you have got some you need to share, please, please, please do. God is aware of my mental health might use it.

Part of Maine thinks this video ought to be in the midst of "Yakety Sax." the opposite half says, "NO! you allow this excellent piece of design precisely as is! you do not piss within the mouth of Jesus!" the essential gist is that a lady walks into Associate in Nursing enclosure stuffed with pandas and makes an attempt to brush up some leaves. once the pandas see her broom and basket, they transform excited toddlers. Big, fat, rolling, flopping toddlers -- simply flopping and rolling their fat very little bodies everywhere her tools, uptake the broom and ascent into the basket.

That's the gist, however what gets Maine riant is however long it goes on. That poor girl keeps attempting to spherical them up, however the second she moves one, another takes its place. And simply once she starts to form some semblance of progress ... "Here comes the FAT, baby!" *Flop*


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