James Damore demand for an end to Google for discriminating against the white men of right-wing

James Damore was dismissed in August 2017, after which seeps a document of yours written to be read internally in Google. Qualified of “macho” almost unanimous by the Spanish media, the paper reported that the “chamber of resonance ideological” in that it had become the company prevented that could have open honest discussions on issues politically incorrect as discrimination and diversity. Damore claimed that it was reasonable that there would be fewer women employed at Google in technical positions because, as a group, women have less interest in professions in science and engineering. Damore, who has a master’s degree in Systems Biology from Harvard, supported their opinions with numerous scientific articles, and a review of the current state of the science gave him the reason.

However, Google had fired him, which was the reason his original complaint. At that time, Damore already said that I thought sue the internet giant, and although it took, finally has done so, accompanied by another engineer, laid off by the end of 2016, David Gudeman. The demand ensures that Gudeman was fired among other things by leaving a comment in a document written by an engineer describing how women can be silenced in their place of work. The comment asserted that white men are “victims of a political movement racist and sexist” and that the document reminded him of something that “the slave could have written their slaves to help them understand how to interact with their masters”.

“Google employees who express points of view that deviate from the majority view in Google on political matters that arise in the workplace and are relevant for the employment policies of Google and their business, such as policies of ‘diversity’ in hiring, ‘sensitivity to bias’ or ‘social justice’, they are targeted, abused, and systematically punished and fired from Google, in violation of their legal rights,” says the lawsuit. “Damore, Gudeman and others of their class were isolated, despised and punished for their political views heterodox , and for the sin-added to the fact that you have nadcido caucasians and/or men”.

The problem of the inability to accept opinions that deviate from the orthodoxy leftist in Google is that the result in an environment in which you can only think one way about a number of topics will think that is the right way to think and that is reflected even in the search results. The digital The Daily Caller just to report that a new feature of the browser to highlight in the page of search results “claims of questionable” web sites seems to point almost exclusively to media rights, and on numerous occasions, the critical outstanding answer to assertions that are not present in the texts being criticized.

The demand for secure that diversity in hiring policies based on quotas that are illegal to improve the percentages desired of women and racial minorities. Indicate that like other technology companies, are not whites but asian americans who are over-represented in the company with respect to their percentage in the population. The goal of the attorneys of Damore is to find more Google employees who have been dismissed in a similar way to become a class action lawsuit, similar to that of a group of women has filed against the company for wage discrimination, systematic. The complaint also says that Google has a blacklist “secret” of authors rights, which are forbidden to visit their facilities.

The document includes a number of screenshots allegedly taken from internal forums of the company in supporting the arguments of the complaint, such as messages supporting dismissal, or the punishment not only of Damore, but of those who had supported or a middle manager acknowledging that he has a “black list” of people that don’t want in your team for their ideas, policies or other announcing its intention to “silence” certain opinions “violently offensive”. Between them do not seem to include contributions as a meme with the message “If you want to expand the diversity in Google fires all the intolerant white men”, “how sometimes you don’t like to be a company or a fetus for that the republicans treat you as a human being?” or, “people in Indiana are intolerant but do not call it intolerance. Do you know how to call it? Religious freedom”. The screenshots show numerous messages in which equates to be republican or to vote for Trump to be racist, stupid, intolerant,…

The messages sent by managers also seem especially significant. For example, the swiss Urs Hölzle, vice president of technical infrastructure, at the message of an engineer in the wondering if the diversity efforts included the white to be slightly underrepresented in the company (63,7% vs 60%), answered that “as engineers we are trained to pay attention to details, think logically, to criticize assumptions that can be wrong (or just to be confusing), etc., Are excellent tools for technical discussions, but horrible for discussions about race, discrimination, justice, etc because they are discussions with a high emotional content or cultural”.

In 2014, Rachel Weston, the then vice-president of communications and polítícas public and now on Facebook, wrote that “it seems that we believe in freedom of expression except when people do not agree with the majority opinion. I’ve lost count of all the times that someone at Google tells me in private that they can not admit their voting preferences if they are republicans , for fear of how other employees would react”.

A Google spokesman has stated that the company is looking forward to face Damore in a court of law.

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