James Gunn is going from Marvel to DC, will you be able to save the Suicide Squad?

The day which gave the news on the departure of James Gunn of Disney, it was revealed that the director would have complete freedom to work on any project that I would like to, and that included the to go to the side archenemy: DC.

It was not a far-fetched idea, because there always existed the possibility, for Gunn, despite everything, is a good director who knows how to get the most out of the actors with which it works and the history that has opposite.

Several heroes of DC Comics die at the start of Heroes In Crisis

According to this, it is believed that it will save not only the Suicide Squad, but the entire DC, because the company is not very well, at least not in comparison with his eternal rival Marvel Studios.

Salvation is commented out because Gunn, not only will produce the second part of the squadron, but also write the script of it, which makes it very well, so here are a few items that would make the director, the savior of the moment.

Expert in narrating stories of dysfunctional groups

If anything showed the director in his last job, has been that you can work with actors and different personalities and make them work, to such a degree that the chemistry that lives between them, the spectators feel out of the camera.

This is a good sign that James Gunn could save the Suicide Squad, because the group of which it is formed it has no feet or head, so that in this second part, could be their interaction as something real that the fans could love deeply.

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New perspective, new approaches

Despite the fact that the recruitment of James is something new, it has already begun to protest about what you will do with the project that is in their hands, and according to them it has been said that it will take a new approach to history appeals to the public, something that has not happened in the first installment.

Based on this, it has been commented that there would be a sequel as such, since they do not have all the items that you saw in part one, as it will only be considered to be those that worked in a good way, as the union of villains to contend against an evil that is greater than them.

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Total creative freedom

Sources close to the production, got to know that will give you total creative freedom to the director, which will be able to delete or add any aspect or situation that you want, which means that you can also remove actors that are left in the scene.

This might be a risky bet, but perhaps necessary for the other pieces can be put together in the right way.

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Even lack time for it to consider him to James Gunn as the Messiah of DC, but if you already have a few reasons to believe it will be as well or what do you guys think?

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