It games more real thanks to Google Maps!

After the success of augmented reality games such as Pokémon Go, many of us are left with the desire that this type of titles to be complemented with other platforms such as Google Maps, which is definitely the maps application more complete of the present time, although until now this had not happened.

For this reason, Google has announced today Google Maps APIs Gaming, so that developers who register will be able to obtain data such as information and planning of Google Maps in real time, which will greatly improve the gaming experience in titles similar to Pokemon Go.

In fact, some days ago we share with you information about the new game Jurassic World Alive, which will already include this new API from Google, however, will not be the only one, as The Walking Dead: Our World, will also come with this new feature.

Likewise, Google has mentioned that software has been developed with the technical capabilities that allow for the rendering of scenes and places from Google Maps with Unity, the graphics engine used currently in mobile games, so that we can play in real places of the planet earth and as you can see them on Google Maps.

Mario Kart comes to Google Maps

Patrick Donelan, the Engineer of Google and a fundamental part of this new project, he mentioned that one of the goals is to help developers build worlds detailed by using the data of Maps. Developers can do things like choose certain types of buildings or places, and transform each one of them in a element of the game, this way you will feel connected with the real world.

Google Maps APIs

The company of Mountain View also announced that in addition to Jurassic World Alive, and The Walking Dead: Our World, another of the titles that will include this technology will be Ghostbusters World, so that very soon we will have 3 games of augmented reality and gameplay based on the location that will further improve the gaming experience offered by Pokémon Go in his time.

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