Just in the fortnight! Reported delays in payments of payroll

Right where it hurts: in the fortnight! We have bad news for several mexican workers, and it is that according to the newspaper The Financial some banks are suffering from delays in the transfer of payroll due to the failures they are recording of the Electronic Payment System Inter-bank (SPEI), although the authorities of the Bank of Mexico emphasized that the money of the users are out of danger. Only some affected will have to muster the patience.

According to our friends at Chilango, the main delays tin to be reported by account holders of Bancomer and Citibanamex, and in fact the second confirmed that yes there is a delay in the payment of the payroll and are being processed at this time. The bank also said that in his case the failure is not related to the cyber attack to the SPEI, but that is due to an internal process, so that in the course of the day the payments will be reflected.

Bancomer for its part, responded to some reports through your line of attention of Twitter and asked the users for more information to pick up the report.

This hacking the system SPEI, managed by Banxico, has revealed the vulnerability of the financial system of Mexico and the need for banks to strengthen their security measures, match specialists. The central bank on a normal day operates around 2 million transactions, on day fifteen it may be about 8 million.

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