Kassaloos shopping with smartphone at Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn introduces following in the footsteps of Amazon the concept kassaloos shopping. You have only a so-called tap-to-go map, in combination with a smartphone app.

Two Albert Heijn to go-locations are now with the system fitted, both in the Academic Medical Center. Next week there is also the AH to go at the metro station of Amsterdam Central. Eventually, all AH to go’s on the turn.

Price tags in these stores are equipped with a wi-fi symbol. You choose a product, the tap-to-go card against the prijslabel, and the amount is after ten minutes automatically from your account written. In the tap-to-go app, you will see a list of all of your costs.

Amazon chase

Albert Heijn to emphasise a European first. In the United States, Amazon is a leader, there are special shops from the ground up where no question is more of a traditional cash register.

Provisionally, the system works only with Android smartphones. Support for iOS will follow later.

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