Kit Harington married his partner of “Game of thrones” Rose Leslie

This Saturday a Game of thrones once more gave something to talk about. And it’s not about the new season of the show. Occurred an event expected by many fans of the series: Kit Harington, the actor who gave life to the very Jon Snow, married with Rose Leslie, who starred in to Ygritte.

In we bring you the photos of the event and, of step, we will tell the story of the love of these two actors.

The wedding was held in the Castle Wardill, Scotland: a place that seems to have gone out of the universe of Game of thrones

And if you think we exaggerate, look at how it looks this castle in winter: what better place for the King of the North!

It was as well as came to the ceremony, Kit Harington, received by some fans and photographers

It was followed by the bride, Rose Leslie, in a beautiful dress with lace and embroidery

The bride was carried to the altar as it should be: out of the hand of his father, Sebastian Arbuthnot-Leslie

The wedding was attended by his comrades of the set: Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) and Peter bad griesbach (Tyrion Lannister)

The sisters Stark, Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams

Kit and Rose did what they were not able to make his characters in the acclaimed series

The actors met on the filming of the second season of Game of thrones

Kit and Rose met in Iceland, while they were shooting the second season of the series. Later, on the screen, their characters developed a romance that ended badly: in the fourth season, Ygritte dies in the arms of Jon, leaving all the fans heartbroken.

The actors took their romance film the real life. According to Kit, “If you’re attracted to someone, and that someone starred your love interest on the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love”. And it was like they fell in love and are together since 2012.

The marriage proposal

After several years of dating, the last year Kit was encouraged to ask her to marry his beloved. The couple was spending a few days in the field. The actor had planned to decorate the trees with lights, create a romantic atmosphere, but, in the end, he improvised and asked for marriage to Rose under the starry sky. The thrilled actress not able to say no to “Jon Snow”.

In we are excited about the love stories with a happy ending and we send our congratulations to the couple.

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