Customer data stolen in hack on De Persgroep

With a hack on different websites of De Persgroep are hundreds of thousands of customer details stolen. Including e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and sometimes bank account numbers.

That reports RTL News. The 300,000 affected customers will get today an e-mail, which they of the occurrence of the event to be notified. Last Friday was the leak already brought out, but then there would be only e-mail addresses have been stolen. Today proves to be much more sensitive data.

De Persgroep is the publisher of major national newspapers like the Volkskrant, Algemeen Dagblad, Trouw and het Parool, as well as regional newspapers De Stentor and The news of the world. Those in the sites of these newspapers, however, once a response has posted, or a match-completed form, now runs risk.


In addition, there are still 50,000 customers have been the victim of which an e-mail address is not known. They get it soon the information via first-class mail. According to the press association, is in only 1 percent of the cases of a seized bank account – and they are still about 3500 customers.

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