Kobo Forma: Extra sturdy e-reader launched

E-readerfabrikant Kobo has this afternoon its latest model, the pro Forma, also launched in the Netherlands. “This new model is partly newly designed, on the basis of research among our customers,” said Kobo ceo Michael Tamblyn in an interview with Computer Idea.

“One of the most common problems that people have with their e-reader, is that the screen is broken. Because the e-reader is or be crushed in a suitcase or backpack. Therefore, we have explicitly studied how as much as possible,” says Tamblyn.

“In older models, the e-inkscherm sandwiched between two glass plates. The Forma is the bottom plate replaced by a plastic plate. Therefore, this e-reader a bit more flexible. He can also withstand a beating, we have ‘m dropping about two metres high and there will he not break.”

Thin edge

The new Forma has a screen of 8 inches, but the size is not larger than its immediate predecessor, the Kobo Auro H2O Edition 2. According to Tamblyn has everything to do with the thinner edge of the Forma.

At the same time the device like its predecessor, is waterproof with backlight and mutes-ie in the evenings, the amount of blue light. That last to prevent readers after reading the sleep will not be able to conceive.

Color screen?

Or there is also a version in development that can handle color, we wanted to know. “Well, it will take some time for such a model there is,” says Tamblyn. “There are e-inkschermen that color can show, but the quality is still not what we require, and in addition, they are also very very expensive. The Kobo Forma is now for sale in the Netherlands for 279,99 euro.

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