You get to choose between cable internet service providers?

The Authority Consumer and Market (ACM) has determined that cable provider VodafoneZiggo its network should open up for competitors. It means that you will can choose between multiple cable providers for high speed internet and television?

Since the acquisition of UPC has VodafoneZiggo (formerly Ziggo) a monopoly on the Dutch cable, for internet, tv and call. The other copper network that often is used, is managed by KPN. KPN is, however, required the network to competitors, so that they can also internet and television services can offer. For example, T-Mobile, Online and Telfort to offer this. For fiber networks, the same applies.

VodafoneZiggo must be of the ACM October 1, are network will also open up for competitors, so that they internet and telephony services to offer via the (faster) cable. According to the ACM, that is not only honest with KPN and fibre network administrators, but the competition is also good. VodafoneZiggo thinks (not surprisingly): they find that there is enough competition is, and get to the right.

What does it mean?

For the consumer, it is only but good news. More competition keeps the prices competitive, but also improves the offer. For those who internet on the KPN’s telephone line is not fast enough, came in many cases only at VodafoneZiggo for high-speed internet access because fiber in many places is still not available. What soon a few tens more expensive than internet only via the telephone line.

Probably makes a different isp, it is technically possible to, for example, only television or the internet via the cable. As was already known that the company YouCa the cable network will work for the offering of digital television. If possible, his internet-only subscriptions via the cable will also no longer unthinkable.

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