The Comic-con original finally get to the CDMX

Events of comics there are several. In fact, here in Mexico we have The Mole Comic-Con, but nothing is like having the original event that gave impetus to this international type of encounters, the Comic-con San Diego’s original, which for the first time announced an event outside of the united States and will be nothing less than the City of Mexico.

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The great celebration of the culture, geek-pop will arrive with your high attendance from 21 to 24 march 2019, and although not yet released, our friends at Chilango were able to confirm the meeting promises a lineup of high-voltage, with international guests and the classic visits of actors, producers, filmmakers, illustrators and creators of comics, film and television, which has accustomed us in San Diego, San Francisco and New York, current its official venues of the Comic-con.

It is worth mentioning that this month, from the 19 to the 22 of July, takes place the edition 2018 of the Comic-con at the Convention Center of San Diego, and many are prepared to see what you have this year.

“We have been working with Steve Ianuzzi (H. A. Bruno Events) and Ed Kelley (HIR Expo International) to develop a unique event in the City of Mexico,” said Martha Donato, CEO of MAD Event Management. “This is a dream for us, given the size, scope and caliber of the team we have put together for Comic-con Mexico, we are excited of delighted to be working with amazing people and extremely professional to produce together an event of international stature”.

The organization of the Comic-con Mexico will have the same offer for lovers of comics, K-pop, cosplay and gaming that has been done in California since 1970, and though you have not revealed more details, go preparing for this celebration that promises a great starter.

“There is a simple formula to have a great experience at an event: A great space, professional organization, extraordinary talent and fans amazing,” said Ed Kelley, Director-General of the Pepsi Center WTC. “This partnership in the City of Mexico, has everything”.

Also you can volunteer for Comic-con Mexico, but to have more information, send an e-mail to [email protected]

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