The exhibition David Bowie Is will be viewed from smartphones

The exhibition David Bowie Is was in various places in the world for six years in a row showing some of the photographs, personal files, special costumes and hand written song that had the musician in your order or describing its essence.

Sadly, and although many would like to have seen, it is not available in any museum, but all is not lost, since the organizers of the presentation, Sony Music Entertainment Inc. of Japan and the co-workers DB Archive, Planet and the V&A will launch a project where people can see the exhibition in a virtual way.

Although it isn’t the best of all, because more than having to log into a website to make the journey in a digital way, this may be made from a smartphone where they will have the same experience as if you were in a museum, as will the same items that were there.

It also will contain pictures, videos, and music that will add a touch a lot more realistic to the “visit”, you will enjoy to anyone who wishes to do so.

Mapping, Lady Gaga, David Bowie… So it was the technology of the Grammy’s

With the end of thousands of people to see the connection that Bowie wove with the music, the way it behaved in and out of scenarios, as well as its influence it had and continues to have millions of fans, it’s like they developed this option.

This idea was announced officially through the website of the company, and of the social networks of the musician, where he wrote that the show will continue in one way or another:

A press release, which was published in the official page of the artist, gave to know how is that this innovative way will give the public a closer and real to what I build for the artist and therefore, to their works:

“The digital experience, one of the first of its kind, will present a sequence of impressive audiovisual areas where you can experience the work, and some personal items in the life of Bowie. Scanners of the third dimension will be responsible for showing every detail of the incredible costumes, as well as some artifacts of value. The experience will also allow the viewers to the virtual one of the costumes of Bowie”.

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