The cover of Nintendo that turns your phone to play the Game Boy

It seems that Nintendo remains committed to satisfying the nostalgic of your brand. After taking out the modern versions of the NES and SNES, now it has been known that has applied for a patent for a holster that transforms any smartphone into a Game Boy.

Patent filed by Nintendo

It is a case folding that in addition to protecting the screen will allow you to play the legendary portable console of Nintendo. This holster has the classic buttons -d-pad, A, B, Select, Start – when pressed, thanks to a conductive material, entran in contact with the touch screen of the phone. The game would be in the hole that simulates the small screen of the Game Boy.

The application of the patent, uncovered by Siliconera, dating back to march 2018 so it is still unknown whether from the company nippon is still developed or it has gone to the drawer of the patent forgotten. It is not known if the marketing of the sleeve will follow the catalog of games such as saga, Mario Bros, Pokémon, or Zelada.

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