The maximum guide to Spotify: All the tricks to make the most of

With more than 40 million users, Spotify is the music streaming service more popular in the world. And with good reason, has a simple interface and an extensive library.

Surely, you are an avid user of this platform, but you’re sure to be taking all the profit?

What I’m going to cancel my family plan for Spotify if I share it with friends?

Here is a list of our favorite features, tips and tricks for Spotify so that you have the best experience.


1. Better sound quality

First things first, go to the menu for you to choose the quality of sound. Choose between Normal (96 kbps), High (160 kbps) or Extreme (320 kbps). It consumes more data, but you can choose to do this when you are on WiFi.

2. Save music for offline mode

This is not new, but it is important to remember it. If you are a Premium user you can take advantage of this feature. Save your lists in the best quality possible (see point 1).

All the ways to listen to music although you do not have data

3. Organize your lists in folders

The songs are in playlists and playlists within folders. To create one you just have to right click on a playlist (in the menu on the left side of the desktop application), select Create folder, choose a name and save.

4. Transfer songs from other apps

Did you know that you can transfer your existing lists in other platforms Spotify? Here we show you how to:

How to transfer your playlists from Spotify to YouTube Music, Apple Music, or vice versa


5. Look who follows you

Go to the section Your Library, then click on your profile photo which is on the upper left side. There you’ll see who follows you, who you follow and what you’ve heard recently.

6. The replay queue

It is horrible when the holidays don’t let you finish a song and are cut down for the next one, there is no reason for this when you can add songs to a play queue.

Just click on the three dots and select Add to row playback.

7.Search within your library

Do you want to find alfo in particular? Slide the screen down and a bar locator will appear.

8. Spotify web

Can’t you download the application to your computer? Do you find yourself away from home, in the workplace? Just go to to get a basic version and listen without installing any software.

9. Shortcuts on the keyboard

You can control Spotify using only the keyboard for greater efficiency.

  • Use spacebar to pause/play
  • Next song with Ctrl-Right (Cntrl-Command-Right on Mac)
  • Previous song with Cntrl-Left and Cntrl-Command-LIzquierda on Mac)
  • Volume with Cntrl-Up or -Down (Command-Up or -Down on Mac)
  • To create a playlist new Cntrl-N.

Your music

10. Added music that is not on Spotify

Do you miss listening to the music of artists who are not on Spotify? If you feel like Tool, Prince or Radiohead, and you have the files on your computer, just go to Preferences, Add source and select the folder that contains them. As well as you’ll see in your library on the part of local Files on the left side.

11. Retrieves a list of deleted

So, this is possible. Go to the web site, logs in, reviews the details of your profile, account Settings, and go to Retrieve lists. Ready.

12. Discovery Weekly

This is a list of 30 songs that Spotify compiled from your habits. It is too precise. Is updated every Monday and can be found in the tab Playlists.


13. Follow your friends

If you have a friends who always listen to good music, do not waste time and follow him. Go to the party to Find friends or search for their names in the search engine.

14. Do you already used the codes?

Codes Spotify are another way of sharing music. Scan a code from another device to download a song. You can also scan codes published by other artists, posters, or advertisements.

15. Make a playlist collaborative

Maybe you had to make a list for a wedding or party and need some help. Create a list, click right and make it collaborative.So any friend can access it and add songs.


16. Filters for years

If you want to listen to some Radiohead but what old man, you can filter your search by years. For example: “radiohead year:1990-99” and ready.

17. Filtered out what does not serve

This command is similar to Google’s. You can add “not” immediately of a term you want to exclude from your search.

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Other functions

18. Listen with lyrics

Press the bar you’re listening to at the bottom. See the letters and the story of the song. Eye: if you do not see anything, it means that the letter or the history of that song are not available.

19. Preview in iOS

Left tight a track, album or playlist and have a preview, that is to say, you’ll be able to listen to a few seconds.

20. Private mode

If you don’t want others aware of your tastes culpable, head over to the private mode to listen to music. Go to Settings (top right) and choose the option Private Session.

When you’ve finished you can deactivate it the same way.

21. Playlist to run to your pace

Spotify you can choose songs that have the same tempo as your speed when running. Only you have to run, you go to Explore and look for a playlist for running existing, Spotify will use the sensors of the phone to choose the music that goes well with your rhythm.

What more can we add to the list? and Partners.

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