The history of the cave thai hid moving details that were not disclosed in the news

The whole world was watching the rescue of more complex and well-planned school thai in a flooded cave. The kids of the youth football team spent 18 days in complete darkness; the youngest of them was 11 years old. The news rebozaron details of the rescue operation, but the most poignant moments of this story remained in the shadows. prepared his collection of messages, photographs and drawings related to the incident in the cave thai.

1. The boys wrote notes

When the boys were found by divers, it had already been 10 days in the cave. The rescuers asked them to write messages to the parents who were on the verge of a nervous breakdown, waiting at the entrance of the cave. The first message was probably written by the diver.

“They say that when they leave they will be willing to eat everything that is. Want to go home as soon as it is saved. Teachers, please, don’t give them a lot of homework”.
If joke, then, all is well for the moment. In addition, the guys asked them to send a roast chicken and grilled meat.

“I’m fine, I just have a little cold. Do not worry and do not forget that it is approaching the day of my birthday.”

“Mom and dad, excuse me for being trapped here for two weeks. The help in the store every day when you come back”.

The note of the guy nicknamed Night by the members of the team: “I love you dad, mom and older brother. Do not worry about me. I love you all”.

From the coach: “Dear parents, now all is well with the children, cares for them, I promise you that I will be with them and will do everything I can. I want to thank you very much for the support and I want to apologize to all of you.”

2. All over the world participated in the rescue operation, including the local residents

When they started to pump the water from the cave to reach the children, flooded rice fields nearby. Now the farmers and their families may lose part of their crop, but they are still happy to have been able to contribute to the rescue of the boys.

The group of pumping water stated that it was not going to disassemble the team until the end of the drain fields of the farmers, who without a single objection sacrificed their harvest.

Each time they pumped more than 1.5 million litres of water from the cave. And so it was.

3. The boys were supported by a mining experienced that spent 69 days underground in 2010

One of the chilean miners, rescued after the accident in 2010, he recorded a poignant message of hope” for thai boys.

“I don’t doubt that if the government of that country makes everything and makes the efforts that have occurred, this rescue will succeed. We pray for all of you.” The chilean was right, the operation was successful.

4. The actions of the coach were perceived ambiguously, but now all agree that he is a hero

The western media criticized and blamed for what happened to the coach of children, called Ekkapol. This was the first time in his life in which he only cared for the children, and apparently he had not noticed that at the entrance of the cave there were signs warning about the danger of flooding at this time of year. In Thailand, from the beginning was treated as a champion and a hero.

He was educated in a monastery, and therefore possesses the technique of meditation. The first thing he did was to share all the food and water that they had in small portions. He himself almost did not eat. Then he began to teach children to meditate. The rescuers found the children were surprised to see that the 12 children, the youngest of them 11 years old, after spending an eternity in the cave, not panicked. They were exhausted, but completely calm.

5. In many drawings the children are represented as jabatos

The football team is called “Moo-Pa”, which translates as “wild boar”. Therefore, in many illustrations that have been razed in the social networks, the children are portrayed in the form of small jabatos who need help and protection.

6. The father of the doctor, a diver australian died while he was in the cave rescuing the children

The doctor and Richard Harris as they call it “the australian legend”. Is uniquely qualified, is an anesthesiologist and diver photographer at the same time. Richard cut short his holiday to help the children. I was with them in the cave and it was the last one to leave. After that, he received the news about the death of his father.

7. Representatives of different nationalities were able to consolidate their efforts by following simple rules

In addition to divers from 14 countries, many volunteers also participated in the rescue of children. Pumped water, cooked for the whole team, the women did thai massage to parents and divers tired and exhausted. Managed to consolidate itself following the simple rules written on the blackboard hanging on a tree:

  • Respétense the one to the other.
  • Be polite.
  • Express your ideas with clarity.
  • Respects the cultural differences of each one.
  • Nothing of discrimination.
  • No idea is stupid.

We are a team.

The media, like the users of the networks, believe that in this moment the world became a great people. Residents of different parts of the world were willing to lend a hand to thai children, who were rescued, thanks to the common effort.

8. This guy was the only one who spoke English and was able to keep the conversation with the rescuers arrived (in fact, knows how to speak 4 languages more)

This is not the first liberation in the lives of Adul 14 years of age. As a child, escaped with their parents from Myanmar to Thailand. Expected that a good education would make their son to be a worthy person. But they could not even imagine that it would be so successful. When the divers british found the boys, they were in the cave about 10 days. Ad knows how to speak 5 languages, and is the only one in the whole group who knows how to speak English. Could easily chat with the divers and provide all the necessary information.

9. Artists from around the world created illustrations for children caught in the cave; here they are


“This rescue operation is an incredible example of unity in the world, thanks in part to all of Humanity.”


“It’s true, not all superheroes wear layer”.


“Of all the saved of football most spectacular of the year, the tailandésa will continue to be the best.”


“The world has just found his football team’s most inspirational and courageous”.

The society was divided between follow the great matches of the World or to follow the rescue team children’s football. An illustrator managed to merge both events.


“Congratulations to him for salvation, and now the time came for me to go”.

This picture became viral on all the social networks. In the picture it appears the deceased Saman Gunan, who provided them with oxygen to children, but he himself was left without oxygen, lost consciousness and drowned. In the figure, Saman caresses the small jabatos. The children were rescued, which means that his death was not in vain.

This amazing story of cohesion and courage will remain for a long time in the memory of all the world. Was there any person in your life who helped you to get out of what seemed to be a desperate situation?

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