The artificial intelligence of Uber that will tell you if you’re too drunk to handle

The artificial intelligence is one of the future’s most promising technology, as we have seen, its applications and advances in many fields such as medicine, construction, education, etc, For this reason, large companies are working on new apps that might be interesting and useful, such as Uber, which plans to identify when we’re drunk to send us a taxi and avoid driving.

Of time the AI of Uber has been patented in the united States, and with which it is described that will be used by the learning machine to learn the status of a user.

According to Uber, you do not need any tester for this, as currently we can already buy this type of devices to know if we are in a state of intoxication, and even with it people don’t use it, because many times people have too much confidence in these cases and driving under the influence of alcohol, putting at risk his life and the lives of others.

Google will not use their artificial intelligence for the war, nor to violate human rights.

For this reason, the artificial intelligence of Uber will use our smartphone to identify our state, looking at features such as the precision when pressing the buttons of the interface, the speed with which we write to find on the Internet or instant messaging applications, and even the way in which we’re grabbing the phone.

With this information the company mentions that it is able to identify if the user is in a state of drunkenness, and in this way to request an Uber to take you home safe and sound. It is even mentioned that you will also be notified to the drivers that the user is in a state of intoxication.

Of time this AI is a patent, that is to say, Uber has not shown the efficacy of its development, and once you put it to the test we can see if it is truly as good as presumed.

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