The Artificial Intelligence could reach the call centers of Google

The Artificial Intelligence is hogging all the sectors of the market, so the big companies like Google want to implement it in some way or another, so have decided to take another step towards this innovation with the replacement of the people in the call center, by these robots.

It is not yet a fact, because the company is still negotiating the introduction of the AI in the support centres that have, where exactly you are supporting the people with the doubts that come to have with respect to some device.

This decision could go directly hand-in-hand with Duplex, the wizard of artificial intelligence that was designed to speak naturally like a human sounding exactly like a person, making it nearly impossible to notice that it is talking to an AI.

According to The Information, Google will search for that Duplex able to replace the jobs that deal with humans, even have done some experiments to test the effectiveness that it has in a conversation.

Similarly, he says, that there is a potential client in the insurance sector, which would like to integrate the Intelligence into their operations, not with the purpose of making calls to sell insurance, rather would attend to the client when it needs a simple advice .

Artificial intelligence vs. Human, so the duel for the World Championship of DOTA 2

The latter would be to address issues or simple questions, not requiring a human to be answered, but in a given case that the AI does not know how to respond, only it will be passed to one person to be in charge of the situation.

With this function, to increase the three with which you started the application, which were to book an appointment at a restaurant, schedule an appointment to go to the hair salon, and ask schedules with respect to any situation; in this way, it would have achieved a wide variety of actions for different services.

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