Legal marijuana and the therapeutic “sneaks” in Valencia

On flower clusters (buds) oil, natural extract, crystals, food supplements, candy or chocolate: marijuana legal because you can buy it in a shop on Valencia that sells products of cannabis that are rich in cannabidol (CBD) and no THC, the compound forbidden and considered as a drug.

Magu CBD opened in the center of Valencia at the start of the christmas campaign at the initiative of Zoila Soca to give continuity to a project “that are bringing forward women” and promoted to “help people” the university professor of austrian Sofie Sagmeister, to open in April of 2017, the first branch of this brand in Vienna.

A degree in Chemistry, Soca explained in declarations to EFE that none of the products it sells “is more than 0.2 %” of tetrahidrocannabidol (THC), and “only” them “interested” in the CBD, another compound in marijuana that in countries such as Germany, Switzerland or Israel is used in a therapeutic way.

As set out in the Convention on Psychotropic Substances the UN signed in Vienna in 1971 on the occasion of the great increase of consumption of narcotic drugs during the hippie movement of the 60’s, marijuana is an illegal substance, a drug.

The treaty also makes clear that it is the immune system of the plant, the THC, the chemical that produces euphoric effects and its use is prohibited, as well as that if its concentration exceeds 0.2 %, the minimum quantity to produce any effect in the body, is illegal.

We do not work with THC, none of our products has more than 0.2 per cent, “says Soca, manager of Magu CBD, who explains that the CBD serves, among other uses, to relieve anxiety, fight insomnia or to control nausea, in addition to being a natural anti-inflammatory.

Zoila Soca reminds about its legality, “as revised in the Vienna convention” and that some months ago the World Health Organization (WHO) established, through a recommendation public, the CBD not being a drug.

According to the WHO, cannabis is the illicit drug most used at the global level. In 2013 it was estimated that 181,8 million people between 15 and 64 years of age used cannabis for the purpose of non medical.

In the valencian Magu CBD are traded legal form flower clusters (what is popularly known as bud) oil, natural extract, crystals, candies or chocolate (cacao), rich in CBD and without THC.

His secret, pointing to its owner, is “to cultivate the plants that are allowed by the European Union, a total of nine varieties, which have less than the 0.2 per cent”.

“All our varieties are of those nine seeds, have a follow-up from the purchase of the seed to the final packaging, and will do them for analysis at several independent laboratories,” explains Soca EFE on the process that guarantees that it is a substance free of THC.

In order not to conflict with the current legislation, Magu CBD defines his activity as a shop of aromatherapy and, although currently closed employment agreements with physicians, neurologists or physical therapists, may not by the time to recommend or explain the possible ways of consumption of their products.

“I can only say how it is used in other countries, but not how you have to use you. Each one decides, in his house, what use to give to the product,” says Zoila Soca to its customers, and adds: “I can tell You that in Switzerland it is used as a substitute for the tobacco.”

One of the main concerns that customers raise is what would happen if they intercept the product at a police checkpoint fortuitous.

“With the receipt of purchase and while the bottle has the security seal intact, the authorities may be directed to us and we’ll show you all the certificates that we have,” he explains.

The best-selling products, by far, are the flower clusters (the variety “Pepa” was completed in the first week of sales) and oil of 5 % CBD.

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