The Soyuz spacecraft returns from the emergency to the Earth by a fault in the engine

The spacecraft Soyuz MS-10, which lifted off this Thursday with the Russian cosmonaut Alexei Ovchinin and the astronaut of NASA Nick Hague on board, had to return and land in Kazakhstan due to a failure in the engine, report the agencies of the Russian federation.

The two astronauts are still alive, as confirmed by the Russian sources, both of which inform in addition to which means air is close to the place where there has been the emergency landing.

Four helicopters Mi-8 took off from airports kazakhs to look at the two astronauts, according to media reports Russian military.

The same media have already reported that the crew are in “good condition, taking into account the gravitational forces that have had to endure”.

The launch of the spacecraft in the framework of the mission 57-58 occurred at 08.40 GMT, and shortly after the engine began to fail, so the crew had to return to the Earth.

It was expected that the ship would give him four times around the Earth to dock six hours later to the ISS (International Space Station), two hours after his arrival, opened the gates and join the three members that are at the station.

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