The new function for Alexa will help you to trick the thieves

One of the greatest fears of people when they leave the house, is that they left the front door without insurance, and that a thief can access it with ease, and steal all their belongings, but this can be avoided if the account with Alexa, the virtual assistant.

Even if there is any doubt about the help that can provide you Alexa in this type of situations, the truth is that it turns out to be very useful, especially now that it added Away Mode, a new feature that will scare the criminals of the home.

The idea with which it was created this tool, it was for the thugs to believe that the house is not alone and that there is always someone in it who is aware of what is happening to their surroundings.

According to this vision, is how it works the Away Mode, a tool that enables the speakers to begin issuing a series of audio tracks that you have recorded, which serve as conversations that are taking place in any room of the house.

The result of this action is that the potential thieves that you are out of the house, believe that there are people inside, so think twice if it is a good idea to be introduced to it and steal whatever they find.

The Away Mode has seven types of conversations that address different issues, so they are to be credible, in addition to the fact that its length (from 47 to 72 minutes), it makes it much more real.

The audios were created by comedy writers who work on series including It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Saturday Night Live, so you could say that your content is funny.

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However, one of the disadvantages that could have these conversations, are the issues treated, as they can be considered too banal (memes of the Internet, the end of the fidget spinners, a mother helps her daughter put together a vanity by telephone, to mention a few), so that the criminals do not believe it and irrumpirían in purple.

Although if you only have to step out for a few minutes or a few hours, these conversations can help you and save your material goods. and Partners.

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