The new tool of Dropbox comes to facilitate the work of all

Apparently the prayers of many were heard, because the new tool Dropbox has come to solve the lives of thousands of users, since from now on you will be able to recognize the texts that are in the images and PDF files.

The idea is that all of the documents that are scanned and contain text, can be recognized and in this way, to help people not have to be pierced by hand or on the same computer.

The news that bet will marvel at all, it was announced through an official statement on their blog, where they explained that this is due to the maintenance work and innovation that they are carrying out.

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Also, it was commented that the implementation of this new tool should be to noted that the users of its storage service in the cloud, have more than 20 billion images and PDF files, of which 20% have text, which means that if at any time you would like to copy it, could not do so, at least not quickly and easily.

The way this works, is due to its optical character recognition called OCR (for its acronym in English), which uses a machine vision, and advances in machine learning to understand what you see in the image.

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For the time being, the new tool Dropbox has focused solely on the English language, but it is said that in a short time it may extend to others, so that everyone can make use of it.

Similarly, this implementation is only available for subscribers of Dropbox Professional, but you can request access in advance of Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise if you do not want to wait until the function is completely open for all users. and Partners.

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