The new Nikon Coolpix P100 has a zoom of 125 increases

The new creation from Nikon surprised everyone, as its huge scope was a dream for the photographers, who wanted to portray in greater detail everything that was out of the sight of humans and that could only be seen with a telescope.

The Coolpix P100 breaks all-time record of zoom thanks to its goal of 125 increases, even that the same company was fixed with its predecessor, the Nikon P900, since this had 83 increases, and that in his time portrait rings of Saturn and the International Space Station.

The best thing about this camera is the fact that it is not too large or heavy as one would have thought, on the contrary, it is compact and light weight, because its weight is 1.415 grams with battery and card, and its size is 182,88 x 147,32 x 119,38 mm

Within the hardware that it has, is the sensor CMOS 1/2,3-inch, which offers 16,79 million pixels, and next to it is the Expeed processor, which allows the Nikon to take pictures in RAW format and record video in multiple formats, from 4K up to 30p or in Full HD (1080p) with rates of 60p, and if you were wondering about the audio, it can also be super, since it has a connector for external microphones.

Other important features it has are the LCD screen 3.2 ” with 921,000 points that can be tilted and rotated in all directions and the compatibility with SnapBridge, which serves to synchronize the pictures with the cell phone.

Nikon launches his own Selfie Stick for Coolpix

To read all the tools you have and what you can achieve, it is normal that thousands of people want to have between your hands and of course who can do this for a comfortable amount of 1,000 euros, or 1167.56 dollars.

If you have this amount, it is possible that they can acquire in September, not to be so, they have approximately two months to raise the money and buy it.

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