The first manned mission of SpaceX will be in June 2019

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) is a us company, transportation, aerospace, founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, who is co-founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, SolarCity, Hyperloop, The Boring Company and OpenAI. This private company has agreed with the NASA that sent astronauts to the international space station via rockets, instead of as now, which is using the Russian craft Soyuz, whose missions are very expensive. It should be noted that it also has planned a flight in a spacecraft Boeing to start in August 2019.

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I must say that the dates for these events have been postponed many times, but NASA said last Thursday that now will be doing updates on a monthly basis. “This new process for reporting our calendar is better, however, there will still be some uncertainty and we anticipate that it could change the final date to the extent that it is about the launch,” said Phil McAlister, director of Commercial Development of Space Flight at NASA headquarters. “These are new space ships and engineering teams have a lot of work before the systems are ready to fly,” said McAlister.

According to NASA, both of these missions are considered evidence: the two astronauts carried on each flight will be two weeks in orbit on the international space station before returning to Earth. It is expected that long-term NASA use the SpaceX and Boeing to carry astronauts to the space station on a regular basis, which is expected to occur after the first six months.

It has also been reported that there will be a couple of unmanned test, one to SpaceX in January 2019 and another in march of that same year for the Boeing. In addition, it was said that SpaceX will use its rocket Falcon 9 for the launch, with a capsule Dragon on the top of the rocket in question.

On the other hand, the Boeing Starliner will have as an engine for an Atlas V rocket, made by United Launch Alliance, a business partnership with Lockheed Martin. NASA depends on the success of these missions to make decisions about your contract with the Russian space agency, which terminates in November 2019. and Partners.

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