The University of Arizona you think you know what students may abandon their studies

The University of Arizona is studying the habits of their students through the use of your credentials, which are used to enter the premises, to borrow books, to enter the lounges, etc. And this innocent information might well be now used to study the likelihood that a student leaves the studies.

The modern credentials of the University of Arizona have a sensor in them, which allows the monitoring of where they are used, either in the centres of study such as libraries, laboratories and classrooms, as well as in the recreational opportunities within the university and even in the use of the credentials for buy in machines soft drinks and candy.

“Watching their strokes digital, you can explore your pattern of movements, behaviors and interactions, so that you can tell a lot of each student,” says Sudha Ram, a professor of information systems management who heads this initiative.

Researchers have obtained information of their students in three years you have been in college and have been able to find that their predictions about who are the most likely to abandon their studies come to have a 73% accuracy. They also have plans to give academic advisers a platform online to be able to perform the monitoring of the students in real-time.

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The conclusion of this research indicates that “those who begin to make smaller your social circle and do not have established routines, are the most likely candidates to abandon their studies”. It is clear that with the information of the academic performance, financial aid, and the whole activity of the students, through their credentials, you can make lists of those that could soon stop their studies. This, of course, it may be important to strengthen the monitoring of the academic counselors to help those students who for any reason may leave the studies.

It discusses, obviously, if the enforcement of the data that the students delivered each time you use your card is not in violation of its warranties or privacy. It is an important point because, finally, here the information is not at a statistical level but, in particular, on the behavior of each student. However, the researchers indicate that their idea works, somehow, as does Amazon, which measured the interests of their clients, and carries a sales profile to associate it to promotions or suggestions about books, etc. And in this sense, the research work that is done in 4esta university lasts twelve weeks, which may give you information, reasonably accurate, and thus to make hypotheses that could be of benefit to the students themselves.

It should be noted that the algorithms may fail or not be very accurate, or even worse, to have some bias defined. Ram admits that “we live in an age where we should not generalize about groups of people. One should customize solutions on an individual level”. By the time the research is not to analyse what could well be “just a sign”.

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