The student life is always full of action and these 18 photos prove

The student life is always fun. Lack of sleep, lack of economic resources, common kitchen, fun parties: all of this remains in your memory for a long time and sometimes seems to tell the whole world these adventures and ingenuity! collected some fun photos that demonstrate that the student life taught us to:

18. Support each other

17. Do what you need from what you have on hand

16. Eating without silverware

15. Take advantage of furniture when there are few

14. Take advantage of furniture when there are many

13. Arrive in time for the first class

12. To organize something fabulous when you have no money

11. Create christmas atmosphere

10. Be friends with the law

9. Doing chores on time

8. Do not stop in front of any obstacle

7. Find inspiration for the studies in other

6. And, on the contrary, to overcome the de-motivation of others

5. Resolving complicated situations in an examination. For example, when you forget your rubber to erase

4. Study where is

3. To keep interest towards the studies until the final year in the university

2. To conserve energy even before exams

1. Support ideas coming from the most unusual of companions

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