Charge all your Apple devices with the Node

The amount of lightning cables at home lying around is too big. A cord for the iPhone, AirPods, iPad and of course the rest of the household that also have multiple Apple products. The problem is that one cable is always to be found, and the rest is nowhere to be found…

The people at I Love Handles were also a big problem. They come with the solution: Node. Node is a dock where you have two Apple devices to impose uniformly load. Did you also happen to be an Apple Pencil? Also for the Pencil has the Node has a separate entrance, allowing, in principle, three devices at the same time can charge. No quibble more with that pesky easy to lose riser card that for the Pencil.

Strong enough

The question is whether the gadget is a iPad, iPhone, and Pencil on a good safe way to provide power. But with the prospect at the end of the day your iPhone and AirPods to plug in. The moment that you asked your bed out the next day, you can in any case all at once enjoy. Never a no quibble more with empty batteries in the train.

The Node is from 1 march sent (also to the Netherlands) and will be about €20, -.

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