Launch global campaign against harassment on the Internet Day

Movistar launched its international channels of YouTube a powerful campaign that reflects the reality of the chain which promotes the harassment on the Internet. The campaign, which uses the hashtag #StopCiberAcoso shows to hundreds of mobile devices dropping like a sequence of dominoes, an analogy of the ripple effect caused by the materials-viral that arise from the harassment.

Why we celebrate the Day of the Internet?

“Thousands of children bully others every day on the Internet, many times without being aware of the consequences. With a simple click generate a ripple effect unstoppable. It is in our hand to show that cyberbullying can, and must, stop. Not fomentes, not support, do not silencies. If you have, talk it up, ask for help,” reads the description of the video that is broadcast on YouTube channels and that also includes the site that provides information on this embarrassing phenomenon.

Also explains that this initiative is part of an overall strategy that comprises five lines of action: security and privacy proper application of the policy of responsible advertising, compliance with regulations on the use of parental controls, blocking and removal of the network of content related to child abuse and finally, the inclusion, and digital citizenship.

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