Launch clip of the third season of Stranger Things, and maybe the release date

For some strange reason, all the releases of high-impact are postponed for 2019, Stranger Things is one of them. But as Netflix can’t allow one of their original series most successful is cool, that is why they released a clip of the next season.

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In the new video, which has the function of a teaser, a new previously unknown character, a blond girl (Maya Hawke of Little Women) that appears with Steve (Joe Keery) and also the new mall eighties premiered by Hawkins, but according to several sites, in the clip there are many more data than are seen with the naked eye.

The main by far, is that, according to Digital Spy, the date for the premiere of the third season of Stranger Things could have been revealed. And is this commercial the new commercial center of Hawkins, baptized Starcourt, announces his arrival “the next summer”, and they say that that would be a signal hidden in the episodes unedited would come in that glorious season of the year, what would you do-contemporary, the premiere of the latest season of Game of Thrones. Will it be a shock to intentionally train?

Do a possible crossover?

Some users of the Internet are ensuring that the Starcourt looks particularly similar to the shopping center that appears in the shopping mall favorite of the girls from the other series ochentera Netflix, Glow, what has made you to speculate on a possible crossover between both series. Looks unlikely, but many times you are stuck to this type of theory is crazy.

The shopping centre Starcourt Mall will probably be a rather recurrent in the history of the third season and it is for this reason that they dedicated a video to introduce ourselves all over the place.

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