Throw Siempo, an App to combat your addiction to your phone

The addiction to the cell phone is an evil of our times, but fortunately more or less we’re realizing and that’s why we are creating tools to alleviate this evil that torments more than one.

So you can control your addiction to YouTube

One of the most interesting is called Siempo, and as we account TechCruncher is an App that is a Launcher to optimize the use of mobile devices with the intent of using less time.

To use the mobile phone only for important tasks, Siempo applied techniques in which it seemed that we were asking for permission to that launcher to be able to use the phone. For a start, when you start the phone will ask us what we want to do, so we will have to write in the box indicated.

Depending on what you write, we will show the ideal applications to use. If you just want to enjoy ourselves, we will see gaming applications or social networks, for example. Another resource that uses Siempo is to provoke us to nuisance, by altering the order of the Apps and dificultarnos find them, desmotando the use of the cell.

The project was born as a Kickstarter along with a mobile you would use this launcher, but not getting to be financed, it has been decided to publish the app for free in the PlayStore of Google.

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