Sweet soda drinks damage our body and we show you how to

We’ve all heard things about the damage occurring in the body sodas. But few are those who know how it really affect our health.

Great.guru found various reasons for you to leave the soft drinks for always. ¡The time has come!

1. Soft drinks and bones

Two one-liter bottles of cola or other soft drink can destroy the bones, like several cups of coffee a day. The body stops to absorb calcium and the bones lose their density. Children are more vulnerable in this sense.

2. Soft drinks and overweight

With 500 milliliters of soft drinks is enough to earn a tenth of the calories that you need per day. But the hunger does not go away. In addition, the scientists managed to prove that each can of soda increases the risk of obesity 1.6 times.

3. Soft drinks and kidneys

The phosphoric acid-containing soft drinks cause the formation of kidney stones. Studies have shown that people who do not drink to suffer less.

4. Soft drinks and teeth

This acid damages the enamel, and destroy it even faster than the sugar in great amount which contain soft drinks. The most dangerous thing in this case is to drink it in small sips. In addition, it is better not to brush your teeth immediately after drinking soda.

5. The soft drinks and the liver

Only 600 milliliters of soft drinks a day and you will risk to suffer from cirrhosis. In addition, if one drinks a liter of soda a day, the risk of accumulating fat in the liver increases up to five times.

And you, how many sodas you drink per week? Do you feel able to turn them away from once and for all of your life? Leave your impressions in the comments.

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